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District Results and Regional Qualifiers

District Results

Boy’s Doubles

*Marcus Wright and Aiden Doty – District Champion

Cason Cox and Blake Allen – 3rd Place

Boy’s Singles

*Jason Youngblood – 2nd Place

Mathew Good – 3rd Place

Girl’s Doubles

*Stormey Ivers and Halie Patrick – 2nd Place

Girl’s Singles

*Jacy Wilson – District Champion

*Hanna Hinds – 2nd Place

Mixed Double’s

*Teryn Senn and Cruz Flores – District Champion

Mario Ramirez and Trinidy Roberson – 3rd Place


*1st and 2nd Place Advance to Regionals


  • Marcus and Aiden - Boy's Doubles District Champion
  • Blake and Cason - Boy's Doubles 3rd Place
  • Mathew - Boy's Singles 3rd Place;  Jason - Boy's Singles 2nd Place
  • Stormey and Halie - Girl's Doubles 2nd Place
  • Jacy - Girl's Singles District Champion
  • Cruz and Teryn - Mixed Doubles District Champion
  • Mario and Trinidy - Mixed Doubles 3rd Place
  • Hanna - Girl's Singles Second place