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Angela Roberson

Welcome to Mrs. Roberson’s science page!


Junior High Science

6th, 7th, and 8th grade science are a combination of several different areas of science.  We study themes like matter and energy, force and motion, earth and space, and living organisms and environments. These themes are recurring throughout all three grades and are studied each year with increasing complexity.  Students finish their junior high sciences with the 8th grade STAAR science test that covers ALL three years of middle school science.


High School Science

IPC (Integrated Physics and Chemistry) is our 9th grade science and consists of one semester of an introduction to physics and another semester of an introduction to chemistry. It’s a good class for getting students ready for their upper level chemistry and physics classes. 

Students in 10th grade take biology where they learn about many, many different topics.  They learn about cells, DNA, and complex biomolecules.  They study heredity, genes, chromosomes, natural selection, diversity, and the fossil record.  Students learn about the different kingdoms of living things, biomes, trophic levels, and relationships between living things in our world.  They study the human body systems, bacteria, and viruses.  Students also explore the processes of photosynthesis, cellular respiration, the nitrogen and carbon cycles, and much, much more.  Students in biology take a Texas EOC (End of Course) STAAR test that must be passed for graduation requirements.

Chemistry is the science studied in 11th grade and consists of studying the periodic table, atoms, molecules, compounds, chemical reactions and formulas, naming compounds, moles and stoichiometry, and many other chemistry topics.

12th graders take physics and learn about forces and motion, energy and momentum, the laws of motion, gravity, the characteristics and behaviors of waves, and some basic atomic, nuclear, and quantum phenomena.


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